Logitech Performance Mouse MX

I just started using Logitech’s current flagship mouse, the Performance Mouse MX, and I gotta say it’s nice not being tethered by a wire. The one thing I don’t like about it is there’s no charging cradle like its predecessor, the MX Revolution. You have to plug it in via USB (works like a wired mouse while charging) or plug it into an outlet. I’d much prefer to drop it in a cradle overnight or something. But it’s a minor quibble. I don’t game as much these days but I’m curious how responsive the wireless mouse is for rapid movements. So far it looks like my Wifi and wireless phone are not interfering with the mouse signal so that’s good.

By the way, you can probably get the best price on the Logitech Performance Mouse MX at Amazon.com. I got this at $79.99 plus $15 rebate so it was a nice deal, considering retail is $99.99.






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