Roger Federer Wins the French Open!

Talk about playing his best tennis when it really matters. Congratulations to the greatest player ever! 14 slams and a career grand slam – wow!

Roger Federer Wins 2009 French Open
Roger Federer Wins 2009 French Open

P.S. I called this a few months ago after the Australian Open. I wrote it down on a piece of paper. I felt making the prediction pubicly on the site here would jinx it. I sooooo called it. Fed wins the French Open. :-D

P.P.S. Anyone notice that wicked backhand half-volley winner from the baseline late in the match? The commentators didn’t even mention it because they were busy talking about the GOAT. Seriously that was a frickin ridiculous shot. I mean, his forehand half-volleys are badass, I’ve never seen him make this shot though. No one in the world except Roger could pull that off.

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