NBA Playoffs 2009

I’m rooting for the Bulls in this series. Last night was crazy. 3 OT’s? Joakim Noah’s fast-break dunk was badass – straight up for the slam. That’s how you do it! No sissy layups. Just put the ball in the basket. Rose had a critical block but he missed both free throws – clutch failure. If Boston had 10 seconds or a timeout, it would’ve been very dangerous. Ray Allen was on FIRE last night, damn. But let’s face it, if KG were healthy, Boston would probably have won the series in 5. But now they’re toe-to-toe with a 7th seed Eastern team. But neither team really has a chance to make it to the conference finals.

I hope Denver loses. I don’t like a single player on that team and it’s my opinion that they play dirty. You can be legitimately aggressive and physical but then there’s being dirty. I mean knocking down Paul on an inbound pass? What’s that for? The problem with New Orleans is they have no bench and their starters are inconsistent.

Denver is probably going to beat the Mavericks and meet LA in the finals. I hope LA demolishes Denver. I want to see Denver pull their kind of sh*t with LA. I predict it’s going to be Laker vs Cavs in the finals. In the East, there’s just no team that can challenge the Cavs. For Lakers v Rockets, LA can throw Bynum, Odom, and Gasol at Yao Ming. And once you shut down Yao Ming, it’s very hard for the Rockets to compensate. Artest would need to play sensationally, but then I think Kobe is going to be guarding him and Kobe is no slouch on defense. Chicago or Boston probably won’t make it past Orlando. And Cleveland will likely beat Atlanta/Miami in 4 or 5 games.

My prediction for the champion? Lakers in 5 or 6. I think the Lakers just have more depth than Cleveland. The fact is LA has a great chance of winning against any team with Kobe playing 40 minutes or less and scoring 15-20. And when it’s needed, Kobe can drop 30-40 points, on top of any effort from the other starters and deep bench. Lakers often have 5 or 6 players in double figures. Cleveland can’t do that with James. Lakers will obviously do anything they can to contain James.

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