What Scares Me About This Election

Electronic voting machines. Stephen Spoonamore is a cyber security expert who’s a lifelong member of the GOP and he’s been saying since 1998 that electronic voting machines are completely insecure. It’s a relatively trivial thing for people who know what they’re doing to hack the vote and leave absolutely no trace behind. He explains this in an easy to understand way.

Scary thing is he predicts McCain stages a shocking comeback proving all the polls wrong, winning the election by 3 electoral votes and 51.2% of the popular vote. We’ll see tonight if this is just a conspiracy theory or demolition of our democracy.

This is one of the most scrutinized elections ever with extensive polling data from all over consistently showing Obama ahead well outside margins of errors. Check FiveThirtyEight, but if you look at what both Obama and McCain respectively need to do to get 270 electoral votes, it’s seemingly impossible for McCain to win. I’ve been very suspicious of why McCain kept campaigning so hard in Pennsylvania when he was behind by doubt digits, when on the other hand he just gave up in Michigan. Are we going to see a miraculous McCain win in PA tonight? It looks to be a record turnout and I just hope the Obama wave is so huge nothing can stop it.

McCain is behind or even in almost every single battleground state. Obama has several routes to 270 while McCain has a very narrow path. He has to basically win every single toss-up state across the board and some of the states leaning Obama. But it’s not over until it’s over. We’ll see tonight.

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