Federer is playing a semifinal match. I didn’t get up this early to watch doubles!!! What is wrong with these broadcasters?

UPDATE: I think I know why. I bet NBC is going to air the tape of the semis when they start airing Wimbledon at 12pm. That’s why ESPN2 isn’t airing the live semi matches.

See my post about NBC’s awful coverage of the French Open semi’s. It was really bad. I hope they don’t pump their broadcast full of commercials. Since it’s a tape, they can put in as many commercials as they want.

UPDATE: Well, NBC did a decent job this time around. Even though it was a tape, they showed commercials pretty much on a normal basis. Didn’t feel like it was excessive and the commercial lengths were normal as well. Basically it felt the same as a live broadcast. Federer v. Nadal III this Sunday!

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