Safari on Windows

Apple released a new beta version of their Safari web browser yesterday. Normally this news wouldn’t be that important to me but this new version now works on Windows! As a web developer this is great news because now I don’t need to use/borrow/buy a Mac just to test my work in Safari. As I deal with larger projects it has increasingly become more important to test in Safari.

So I was recently looking to install a virtual machine with Linux and use the Konqueror browser to approximate/simulate Safari testing (Safari and Konqueror both use the KHTML/Webkit rendering engine). Now it looks like I don’t need to go through that hassle. The new version of Safari is still in beta but thanks Apple – this is a great help to web designers/developers.

It seems people are reporting security problems with the Safari beta. Hopefully these get patched up soon (Can you imagine an IE release with security problems? Everyone would be getting on Microsoft’s case. This goes to show Apple is no different.)

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