Apple iPhone 4 Reception Issues

So apparently, because the antenna is built into the outer casing of the phone, when you hold it a certain way, you lose your signal. Wow, that’s a pretty big flaw. And for the first time ever, Apple is releasing a first-party “bumper” case for the iPhone. They always let third parties sell these things. So is Apple really charging people $29 for a piece of rubber, to fix a flaw in the phone? It would seem so. Even if this thing comes to Verizon Wireless in January, as rumored, I ain’t buying it. I’ll stick with Droid, thank you very much. Integrated Google Voice and Skype are already more than enough to go with Droid.


Safari on Windows

Apple released a new beta version of their Safari web browser yesterday. Normally this news wouldn’t be that important to me but this new version now works on Windows! As a web developer this is great news because now I don’t need to use/borrow/buy a Mac just to test my work in Safari. As I deal with larger projects it has increasingly become more important to test in Safari.