Another Freaking Tweener by Roger Federer

Roger Federer hit another amazing tweener tonight against Dabul! And again it was a clean winner. However, Dabul was standing at the baseline, which makes the clean winner that much more amazing. Dabul stared at that ball going past him with complete disbelief (which was hilarious). AND Roger hit it from about 10 feet behind the baseline! Man, that is just pure awesome. You might go 10-20 years and never see something like that. And Roger has now done it 2 years in a row at Authur Ashe stadium. First night, and we already have the shot of the tournament.

Here it is, unbelievable:

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US Open 2010

The last major of the year, the US Open, kicks off today in Flushing Meadows. Lots of stories going on and the tournament seems to be wide open, although I have my bets on Roger Federer. Actually I do literally have a personal bet of $100 riding on him winning the US Open. I made this bet immediately following his Wimbledon loss. If you follow tennis, you’d think few would be putting bets on Roger at that time, but I have faith! Now he gets a final and a win on US hardcourt tournaments and he’s suddenly a favorite again. How quickly the media jump bandwagons. The only other time I actually proclaimed Roger would win anything was the 2009 French Open. I declared he’d win 2-3 months beforehand, if I recall correctly, even while Nadal was perfectly fine. Can I go 2 for 2? We shall see.

Del Potro – 2009 US Open Champ

Well Roger, you can’t win them all. Del Potro was the better player tonight and deserves his first grand slam title. Roger went away in that 5th set, similar to what happened in Australia. I get the feeling he was slowing down and getting tired. I guess you just can’t fight time no matter how hard you try. But never fear, even at 28, Roger is at the top of the men’s game and it still takes an incredible performance to beat him. He’s won every major in the last 5-6 years or lost to the champion. I have no doubt he’ll hit 20 majors. You heard that here. Yes, twenty. 2009 has been a great year for him and this takes nothing away. Congratulations to Juan Martin Del Potro.

P.S. I see something in JMDP – this guy could have a very bright future in tennis. It’s amazing how much more consistent he’s become in the last couple of months. That 100+ mph forehand is just absolutely ridiculous. And the guy is so humble and respects Roger and his accomplishments. I don’t feel bad that Roger lost to him instead of one of those young, arrogant punks like Murray (only guy in the top 6 without a slam, btw).

P.P.S. You know what ticked me off? Del Potro wanted to say something in Spanish to his family and friends and they wouldn’t let him! Unbelievable. Dick Enberg said they didn’t have time and they immediately went on to do their product placement for Lexus. You see the look on Del Potro’s face? He doesn’t give a damn about winning the car. You’re not going to let him say a few words but you have all this time to promote Lexus? Good for him that he later insisted on speaking and then did. But even then it was rushed. The guy just won the US Open, he earned the right to speak. Way to f*cking sell out, USTA.

I Present… Roger Federer

His amazing between-the-legs (tweener) shot to set up match point against Novak Djokovic in the 2009 US Open semis. It’s one thing to even get this trick shot over the net, it’s a whole other thing to hit a passing shot winner against someone at net. I jumped off my couch when I saw this. Unbelievable.

Djokovic hits a very nice lob, and Roger Federer runs back for it…

I want to impress upon non-tennis fans, this shot is incredibly difficult and players practically never pull it off. But to hit it for a clean winner… just WOW. This is the shot of the year. Roger called it the shot of his life.

Also to kind of explain, if someone hits a good lob (based on speed, spin, and height), it can be near impossible to get back and get a good hit on it no matter how fast you run back. So sometimes the only option left is try the tweener but people always dump it into the net or it’s so weak, the opponent can easily put it away at net. To make this shot at this point late in a match, late in a major, to set up match point… that’s just how Roger Federer rolls.

CBS commentator Dick Enberg’s comment cracked me up: “And for my next act, I’m going to hit a winner while in a box while they saw me in half!”

US Open 2007 is Entertaining

More people ought to follow tennis. This year’s US Open has been pretty enjoyable so far. Federer continues his flawless and completely dominant play as usual. That guy is so fun to watch. I don’t know how anyone can challenge him. Tonight’s match of Federer v. Roddick is definitely an exciting match. Their head to head record is 13-1 (Federer) but you never know with these things. Hopefully Roddick puts up a good fight and we have a competitive match.

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US Open 2006 So Far

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of tennis. Agassi’s farewell was so emotional. I’m pretty much rooting for Federer, Roddick, and Blake (in that order). I’m not a front-runner because I root for Federer – I just have a lot of admiration for people who can reach the top, stay there, and dominate the competition like that. It’s not that easy – I remember Pete Sampras saying something like people don’t realize how hard you have to work to stay #1 for prolonged periods of time in tennis. So give Federer credit where it’s due, this guy is amazing.

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US Open – Agassi vs. Blake

Wow, the quarterfinal match between Andre Agassi and James Blake was such a great match. 5th set tiebreaker to decide the match. Agassi was down 2 sets to love and came back to win the match. I was rooting for Agassi because hey, the man is 35 years old and still competing with the best players in the world. Blake definitely played a great match, the guy has a very strong forehand but unfortunately for him, Agassi was able to pull through. To Agassi’s credit, there were really some awesome winners and returns.

US Open 2005 Andre Agassi

Meanwhile, during the match I was locked in a battle of my own, going head to head with Tom in Texas Hold’em. I have the short stack but I’ve repeatedly pulled through on rivers and what not, to Tom’s frustration. We’ve temporarily paused the game until tomorrow. 😕