Google is Killing Reader

So I found out today Google is killing Reader. I’ve been using Reader every day for a LONG time, I can’t even remember. It’s pretty much the best way I know of to browser through a lot of news sources in one place. People are saying RSS is a dying consumer technology and this just proves it. But how else do you pull multiple sources into one place? I ain’t going to visit 100 websites every morning when I’m sipping my coffee. I’m sure I’ll find another service to replace Reader; it just sucks that a good product is getting killed because there aren’t enough smart people to use it. ;-)






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  1. su

    apparently you are a cousin on my father’s side. that means i have 2 cousins who went to stanford and got a perfect SAT score. anyways, email me.

    1. I think you have the wrong person. I didn’t go to Stanford. I however do have a cousin whose full name differs from mine by only 1 letter and did go to Stanford.

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