NBC Coverage of French Open 2011

As is tradition every year I and hordes of tennis fans out there complain like crazy about NBC’s horrible coverage of the Men’s semifinal matches at the French Open. There now appears to be an improvement this year.

NBC is allowing the Tennis Channel to carry the first semifinal (Nadal vs Murray) live, in its entirety. That match starts at 8am EDT. Then, from 11am to 2pm EDT, NBC will carry the 2nd semifinal (Federer vs Djokovic), also live in its entirety, but only on the East coast. Unfortunately, in the West Coast, it’s still going to be on tape-delay.

BUT! This year NBC will livestream the Federer vs Djokovic match at NBCsports.com in its entirety as well so you can still watch the whole match live. It may not be on your TV, but it’s better than nothing. And certainly much better than in years past (2008 / 2009).

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