I Hate People Who Park Their Car Selfishly

It really peeves me when I see people parking their car on the street taking up 2 spots when they could’ve easily moved their car forward or back to make room for another car. Such inconsiderate behavior really ticks me off. I have a female neighbor who does this ALL THE TIME. Her car is never parked straight either, it’s always at an angle and most of the time she doesn’t even straighten her wheels.

Like tonight, I went out for a little while and I left a spot large enough to easily fit 2 cars. Well later I come back and her car is parked smack in the middle of that spot! She didn’t have the decency to just move forward or backward and leave space for another car. Something like that takes minimal effort and no time at all. This kind of behavior tells a lot about somebody’s personality.

One time I had come home just before she did and she was parking in front of my car. She wasn’t being careful at all, like backing up bit by bit – she straight up backed her car into the spot and bumped my car. Meanwhile, I’m standing RIGHT THERE watching and she acts like nothing’s wrong. I’m not saying I’ve never bumped someone’s car while parallel parking but I try to be careful and if the owner of the car behind me is watching, I’d be extra careful. This woman just doesn’t give a crap and is completely unapologetic.

I’m starting to digress but this woman is rude as hell too. There were many instances in the past where I was just being a nice neighbor so I greeted her when I saw her outside. She ignored me on several occasions – at first I thought maybe she was preoccupied or didn’t notice, but I eventually caught on. Nowadays I pretty much just ignore her presence. There’s no point trying to be nice to someone like that.

It’s surprising how someone can exhibit such bitchy and selfish behavior without even speaking.

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  1. This is so true! What a c***. Well you should approach her upstairs knock on her door and tell her, her cars being towed, make sure it sounds real… Then every time you see her she will ignore you intentionally. Never know, it may make her more confident to speak.

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