Heroes Getting Boring?

Is is just me or is Heroes getting a little dull? Maybe it’s the commercials that are bugging me because I hate waiting through commercials. With all the new characters, each episode jumps all over the place and it feels really disjointed. I understand they’re trying to advance the story of each character in parallel but it doesn’t work. Even though it’s all over the place, oddly it still feels like the overall plot is moving pretty slow.

With each scene, if you think about it, not much is really happening. Like when Matt and Nathan Petrelli fight in their hallucination. Okay, big deal. Well, Matt’s father ran off and Molly’s still in a coma 2 episodes later – nothing much really happened and we didn’t really learn anything.

With the latest episode and the preview, it seems like a virus has wiped out most of the world’s population (uhm, mutated Shanti virus anyone?). How do they know this? Oh, Peter traveled to the future and saw the apocalypse. Sounds familiar.. oh right, Hiro traveled to the future last year (also NYC!) and saw a nuke going off. Not to mention Peter got time traveling power from Hiro. Come on Heroes, I can’t believe you’re recycling the same plot over again! I though this was a new “volume”. This season is turning out to be a more boring version of the same thing – figuring out paintings from Isaac and preventing a future disaster. Groundbreaking. :-?

And if you ask me, I don’t think the 2 new hispanic Heroes are all that exciting. Nothing much has even happened with them. Since the premiere, they’re still on the road trying to get into the US! Maybe I’m just a dork but I want to see some face-off between more powerful heroes, like Kristen Bell vs Peter. I was disappointed last year we didn’t see Peter vs Sylar.

UPDATE: Okay, you know the plot is stale when I can predict it. When that tent with the gunpowder blew up, I thought to myself… Takezo isn’t dead – I bet he’s Adam Munroe. And GUESS WHAT? Come on Heroes, this is weak. What I find hilarious is that Peter brought that Irish chick into the future and left her there! Did she get screwed or what? I wonder if she’ll be like that kid Baruz from that season of 24 – we’ll just never see her again or find out what happened to her.

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Yeah I loved the first season, thought the second was not so good and I’d hoped this one was going to be better. It started off okay, but now its pretty much worse than most of the cheesy teen dramas on tv.

The writers are getting lazy and not coming up with good stories like in the first season. Heroes will fizzle out and be canceled by next year.

The cheerleader saved the world but she couldn’t save Heroes!

“Heroes” is completely devoid of a plot and has too many useless story lines proceeding in parallel. You get a couple minutes of story line, then commercials, a couple minutes of a different story line, more commercials, etc., and then that week’s episode is over. With so many story lines crawling along at the same time, the show drags at a snail’s pace and is completely boring. I can’t take all the jumping around from story to story and nothing ever happens; no progress towards any plot. Watching Heroes is like watch A.D.D. TV (Attention Deficit Disorder).

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