What the Heck?

Why is every media outlet going on about Anna Nicole Smith’s death? Okay fine she died – I’m sorry but I don’t know this person and from what I do know about her, I don’t get why this is significant news. Is there really nothing more important to report? I didn’t want to blog about it, but when it’s plastered on CNN.com for 2 days and counting and all over TV, it’s pretty annoying. Okay let’s move on to something more important please. NYtimes.com is much more respectable, barely even mentioning it (I believe I saw one link tucked away somewhere yesterday).

Since when are celebrities somehow more important than everyone else? What is this obsession in this country with celebrity? Actors, actresses, singers, other entertainers – they’re famous but that doesn’t make them somehow more significant individuals. Sure, a lot of people think it’s cool to meet a celebrity but I think it’s just the novelty of it that excites people. You see these celebrities on screen but they don’t seem real until you meet them. Personally, I care as much for them as I do some stranger on the street. So Anna Nicole Smith dying to me is as significant as some stranger out in the world dying – in other words, it’s not significant.

CNN.com Earlier Today:
You can see that Anna Nicole Smith news is all over the page and it’s got the yellow attention grabbing box too. Is CNN.com a tabloid?

CNN.com Earlier Today

CNN.com Just a While Ago:
Whoa nelly, now they’ve resorted to RED because it’s breaking news!

CNN.com Now

This is NYtimes.com:
They’re actually reporting meaningful news. No mention of Anna Nicole Smith on the page.


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