Disgusting Pests

Went into the kitchen at around 3am the other night and happened upon 3 large roaches feeding in this mini garbage can next to the sink. Large insects, especially ones that move quickly and unpredictably, freak the hell out of me. It’s a phobia of mine. I managed to kill 2, but one got away even though I got it with the roach spray. I hope it died in some corner. I hadn’t seen a roach in about 2 months and now 3 at the same time?!

My place is very clean and not conducive for an organic roach infestation. These roaches started showing up several months ago and I’m convinced a roach hitched a ride in someone’s jacket or luggage or whatever. The frickin spray continues to lose potency with these buggers. In the past, any roach I encountered would immediately spazz out with one spray. But now I have to drown these buggers in the stuff before they die. Gonna have to get some roach baits.

This is war.

Newegg is Amazing

I buy all my PC parts and sometimes other electronics from Newegg. Newegg almost always has the best prices and fast shipping. Free UPS Ground shipping is available on many of the more popular products as well. I bought a WD 1TB hard drive yesterday at around 2pm with free UPS Ground shipping. I just got the hard drive today at 4pm. That’s a 1 day turnaround from site checkout to my door. Is that amazing or what? I did not pay for expedited processing and used plain UPS Ground shipping. The quick delivery is also because they have a warehouse in Edison, NJ so if the part is coming from there, it reaches NYC very quickly. But I find even coming from California, Newegg shipments tend be delivered very quickly. This is just amazing service considering their sales volume – my order shipped out the same day it was received. This is why I will continue to buy from Newegg.

Newegg’s actually planning an IPO. It’s a profitable company and has been growing in a highly competitive market. I’ve never shopped at a site where I’ve always experienced complete satisfaction with every purchase, in every aspect. If Newegg continues to run its business the way they always have, it should continue its success. That IPO looks mighty attractive.

Oscars… Who Cares?

Are the Oscars really relevant anymore? I was only interested in the opening jokes so Youtube came in quite handy for this. Does an Oscar-winning movie make you want to see it more?  I saw Hurt Locker a couple months ago and didn’t really think much of it. I don’t get what the big deal about it is. Avatar was great eye-candy and the whole flying dragon thing was cool, but the plot is recycled, dead simple, and predictable. And there really isn’t a lot of meaningful dialogue in Avatar, despite it being frickin 2.5 hours long. I don’t know, when I think about the Oscars, I kind of just shrug my shoulders.

I haven’t seen a really great movie in a while. An awesome movie last year was Zombieland. I’ve never been into Star Trek, but the rebooted Star Trek was pretty entertaining.

Xoom.com Money Transfer Service

I recently used Xoom.com to send money abroad and had a very frustrating experience. I used Xoom because it was cheaper and more convenient than doing an international wire transfer at my bank. I actually used a coupon code that waived the $9.99 credit card transaction fee as well. For convenience and my privacy, let’s just say I sent $20. Without the transaction fee, I should be charged $20, but instead a $49.98 charge showed up on my credit card. That’s an extra $19.98, which looks like they double-charged that transaction fee.

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