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  • Joe Lieberman = Slimeball

    Every time I see a picture or video of this guy, I instantly think “slimeball”. I think the Democratic caucus should kick him out. He campaigned for John McCain and attacked Obama. This guy couldn’t get the Democratic nomination for his senate seat so he went Independent. Yes, he’s traditionally voted with Democrats but this […]

  • Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

    He makes a very well articulated statement on why he supports Barack Obama as opposed to John McCain. Colin Powell on Meet the Press (MSNBC)

  • Congress, Democrats = Useless

    Can the Democrats stop being such wussies and actually get something done? They need to stop issuing subpoenas that get ignored or threatening contempt charges and instead actually take action! When is anyone going to take this administration to task and impeach Bush and Co. for their numerous crimes and transgressions? Democrats like to talk […]

  • Congratulations to the Dems

    So it seems almost certain now that in addition to winning a majority in the House and turning over several governorships, the Democrats have also won a majority in the Senate. More specifically, there are 49 Democrats and 2 independents who’ve said they’d vote with Democrats.