Congratulations to the Dems

So it seems almost certain now that in addition to winning a majority in the House and turning over several governorships, the Democrats have also won a majority in the Senate. More specifically, there are 49 Democrats and 2 independents who’ve said they’d vote with Democrats.

Maybe now we can see some change, but with a Republican President I don’t know how much Dems can possibly push their agenda. I just hope more people continue to see what a poor president George W. Bush is and his approval ratings continue to drop.

Some major issues needing attention that this administration and a Republican Congress has caused, made worse, or ignored:

  • Serious threat to civil liberties through the USA Patriot Act
  • Universal healthcare (Even my small native country, Taiwan, has universal healthcare – how is it that the richest nation in the world does not?)
  • Education (No Child Left Behind is a backwards system)
  • Iraq (How do we leave without the country completely unraveling? Should we just cut our losses and say screw it?)
  • THE BUDGET (Bush inherited the largest surplus in US history and turned it into the largest deficit in US history)

Rumsfeld resigning is just icing on the cake :-).





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