Month: October 2007

  • Happy Halloween

    Have a Happy Halloween everyone. You know, this holiday has become an excuse for women to dress in exotic and skimpy outfits. But who am I to complain? Rock on and stay safe!

  • Heroes Getting Boring?

    Is is just me or is Heroes getting a little dull? Maybe it’s the commercials that are bugging me because I hate waiting through commercials. With all the new characters, each episode jumps all over the place and it feels really disjointed. I understand they’re trying to advance the story of each character in parallel…

  • This is an Aside

    I’ve created a new category called Asides which is for random thoughts or other things that I feel like mentioning that’ll usually be very short and not worth an entire blog post about. This is the first aside and an example.

  • ViaTalk is Okay, Not That Good

    So a couple months ago, I switched my phone service to ViaTalk from SunRocket. ViaTalk so far has worked okay but their customer support is exceedingly poor. It’s my understanding that they received a huge influx of customers fleeing SunRocket which overloaded their support staff. But even now, support response times take weeks and months.…

  • New PC Build

    So I received all the parts for my new PC about a week ago but I didn’t have to time to put it all together. Today I went apple picking, but then I literally spent the entire evening lapping my heatsink (Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme). Not the best way to spend my Saturday night but I’ll…