New PC Build

So I received all the parts for my new PC about a week ago but I didn’t have to time to put it all together. Today I went apple picking, but then I literally spent the entire evening lapping my heatsink (Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme). Not the best way to spend my Saturday night but I’ll only have the free time to build my PC on weekends and I HAVE to put it together now to make sure everything’s working and that I don’t need to return anything. Then I can send in the UPC labels for rebates.

(Pictures on Page 5)

Here are the specs of the system:

I bought Windows XP because Vista has too many issues with driver and application compatibility. And I bought Kaspersky because it’s a high quality security suite that doesn’t use too much system resources (unlike Norton and McAfee). Two things you definitely want are a reliable OS and good security software that you can update on a regular basis.

This is going to be my first multi-page post. I’m going to chronicle my build online and I hope this helps out others interested in building their own PC. I’ll update this post as I go.

First up is preparing the CPU and heatsink …

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