SunRocket is Crashing

The VoIP company I use, SunRocket, apparently is going out of business. They have a lot of outstanding debt that they can’t pay and all last ditch efforts to either continue operations or sell the company have fallen through. In fact, a leaked internal memo states that SunRocket may shut down at close-of-business TODAY!

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Self Employment

Being Lazy Under This Insanely Hot Weather

Everyone in NYC knows we’re going through a heat wave – heck it’s going to be 98 tomorrow! This kind of unbearably hot weather makes me so lazy. I have air conditioning but I try not to turn it on until the afternoon – I try to not turn it on during peak hours. The sleep deprivation is definitely catching up to me too. For the first half of today I just couldn’t stay alert. The combination of my extreme drowsiness and the hot weather made me extremely sluggish. So needless to say I was not very productive.


Federer Wins His Fifth Wimbledon Title in a Row

Federer and Nadal - Wimbledon 2007

Wow, this was one heck of a championship match – talk about top notch tennis. Federer is just on a whole other level compared to the rest of men’s tennis. I certainly think he’s the best player ever. I mean, the guy is only 25 and he has 11 majors. Roger Federer has won 11 of the past 17 Grand Slam titles. If he wins the U.S. Open in September, he’ll have 12 already! I’m pretty sure he’s going to break Sampras’ 14. Roger’s won 5 straight Wimbledon, 3 straight US Open, and 2 straight Australian Open! Even Pete Sampras wasn’t as dominant as Federer.

Laughs Politics

LisaNova does George Bush

There are a couple of fairly entertaining people making videos on Youtube and LisaNova is definitely one of them. Here’s her most recent video which I enjoyed: