Another Freaking Tweener by Roger Federer

Roger Federer hit another amazing tweener tonight against Dabul! And again it was a clean winner. However, Dabul was standing at the baseline, which makes the clean winner that much more amazing. Dabul stared at that ball going past him with complete disbelief (which was hilarious). AND Roger hit it from about 10 feet behind the baseline! Man, that is just pure awesome. You might go 10-20 years and never see something like that. And Roger has now done it 2 years in a row at Authur Ashe stadium. First night, and we already have the shot of the tournament.

Here it is, unbelievable:

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US Open 2010

The last major of the year, the US Open, kicks off today in Flushing Meadows. Lots of stories going on and the tournament seems to be wide open, although I have my bets on Roger Federer. Actually I do literally have a personal bet of $100 riding on him winning the US Open. I made this bet immediately following his Wimbledon loss. If you follow tennis, you’d think few would be putting bets on Roger at that time, but I have faith! Now he gets a final and a win on US hardcourt tournaments and he’s suddenly a favorite again. How quickly the media jump bandwagons. The only other time I actually proclaimed Roger would win anything was the 2009 French Open. I declared he’d win 2-3 months beforehand, if I recall correctly, even while Nadal was perfectly fine. Can I go 2 for 2? We shall see.

Pesky Mosquito

Every once in a while, a single mosquito makes its way into my room at night and it’s very annoying. Last night a single mosquito in my room stung me 4 times within 20 minutes. It was 2am and I wanted to sleep but that thing would’ve eaten me alive.

Tip: Carefully look over your walls top to bottom. When not sucking your blood, mosquitoes tend to rest on walls. It can be real tough depending on the size of your room and also because mosquitos are so small and hard to notice. But the mosquito is usually stationary. Or you can sit still and wait for it try to bite you and swat it. I tried that at first but 1) it’s easy to not notice the mosquito while it’s on you and 2) it’s very hard to keep sight of it once it flies off of your body. So I eventually started scanning my walls.

In total, it took me a whole freaking hour but I eventually found it and killed it. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep soundly otherwise. I hope you enjoyed your last meal sucker.