Bgears b-Enspirer Sound Card Has Poor Reliability

Well, the sound card in my system died over the weekend very suddenly. I have a Bgears b-Enspirer sound card in my system. It just stopped outputting sound and from I’ve read it seems the amp on the card has died. Even when I turn my speaker volume to max, the sound is barely audible and distorted. I actually thought it was my speakers first, but after connecting them to my onboard sound (Realtek HD Audio integrated with motherboard), the sound came out fine. So the Bgears b-Enspirer lasted a measly year and 10 months. And the warranty is only 1 year so I’m sh*t out of luck.

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NPD’s Statistics About Apple are BS

I keep seeing tech articles talking about NPD’s recent numbers saying Apple has 91% of the market for $1,000+ computers. And people are saying wow, they’re so dominant.

Well they’re are all ignoring the fact that the report only covers computers sold in RETAIL STORES. The largest PC sellers like Dell and HP primarily sell online and Apple’s main sales channel is retail, so that stat is not surprising. With enough spin, any statistic can look favorable. Also note retail stores like Best Buy that actually sell PC’s usually sell the cheapo ones. I’d like to see Apple’s share of ALL $1,000+ computer sales – it’s probably more like 5%.

Andy vs. Andy

Andy Roddick and Andy Murray are playing their 3rd set tiebreak in their semi right now. Crowd’s crazy for Murray. I’m rooting for Roddick. Murray is annoying – yelling and fist-pumping after every single point, like he just won the set or something.

UPDATE: Yesterday I voted on that the final would be Federer vs Roddick. Well, Roddick has just won in 4 sets over Murray. TMF vs Andy Roddick for the Wimby final! Yes, The Mighty Fed is definitely back. Andy’s playing better but it’s still a tough matchup for him. Fed’s just always had his number. 18-2 record doesn’t lie. But you never know. I’m hoping Fed gets #15 on Sunday.

Karlovic Can Only Serve

Tennis fans already know this about Dr. Ivo but if Karlovic didn’t have that powerful serve, I’m pretty sure Federer could have bageled him 3 times. Breaking Karlovic in each of the first 2 sets was impressive, especially the way Federer was returning in the games he broke. Karlovic volleyed poorly but I think that has more to do with how Roger hits/returns the ball and his ability to come up with amazing passing shots.

P.S. Once again, NBC proves they are incompetent, stupid, ignorant, or all of the above. They are airing a tape delay of this match later in the day. NBC apparently has the rights to this match so it wasn’t on either. I ended up watching another live stream online that was actually good quality and had decent commentary (not sure if it was BBC or what, but Boris Becker was commentating). So suck it NBC, I ain’t watching your tape delay. The ESPN2 commentator even said “we can’t tell you the score for the Federer/Karlovic match because NBC will air it later today.” Well, screw that. Is NBC not aware of something called the Internet? No wonder they’re in last place among the networks – NBC is just plain dumb.