Top 10 Reasons to Watch New Season of Battlestar Galactica

The fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica will be starting on April 4 on the SciFi channel. You know I got a lot sh*t for liking this show early on because having never watched the show, people’s first impression is that it’s scifi and dorky. But a lot of people are watching it now, even those traditionally not into scifi. Despite the name, the main focus of the show is NOT on spaceships.

Anyway, the cast appeared on David Letterman to do a Top 10 List. Reason #5 was pretty funny:

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Two U.S. Carrier Groups Head to Taiwan for Elections

Taiwan is holding it’s presidential election this weekend and the United States has sent 2 aircraft carrier battle groups to the Taiwan region for training exercises. The U.S. has typically deployed carrier battle groups around Taiwan to basically discourage China from doing anything “provocative”. If you’re not familiar, China as repeatedly stated that Taiwan is a province of China and that if Taiwan declares independence, it will use force if necessary to bring Taiwan under its rule. This would basically entail a full-scale invasion of Taiwan. In the past China has sought to influence Taiwan’s elections by trying to intimidate the electorate, sometimes firing missiles into the Taiwan Straight.

More information about the deployment here:

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Casio EX-Z75 Faulty Battery

I purchased a Casio EX-Z75 digital camera about a year ago and for the most part it’s been working perfectly and it’s a very good camera. However, I didn’t use it for about 2 months or so and it seems the rechargeable lithium ion battery is dead (it’s a NP-20 battery). When I try to recharge it, the red light on the charger just keeps blinking. After 2 sessions of charging for several hours, I gave up. I searched online and found out a lot of people also had this problem with this camera’s battery.

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Digg Looking for Buyers

So TechCrunch recently reported that Digg is looking to be acquired. Note that this is not official and is an unconfirmed report. Among the parties bidding on Digg are Microsoft and Google. I think it’s about time and if Digg doesn’t sell soon, it’s going to have to lower its expectations more and more. Honestly, apart from their “algorithm” which can easily be reproduced or emulated, there’s nothing special about Digg other than its large user base. That in itself is not a unique advantage. Yahoo just released a similar site called Buzz and I think Yahoo can find ways to leverage its massive user base and channel traffic through Buzz.

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Century Eggs

I remember seeing an episode of Fear Factor a long time ago where they ate century eggs and all the contestants were getting grossed out. I thought it was pretty ridiculous because I think century eggs are delicious. Either Fear Factor purposedly prepared the eggs to smell / taste really bad or the contestants were faking it. Or perhaps they just had a preconception of century eggs and their mind did the rest. Either way it’s a misrepresentation of this dish. I don’t eat it often but when I do I definitely enjoy the dish.

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