StarCraft 2 Zerg Reveal Trailer

Blizzard recently released a new trailer featuring the Zerg for the highly anticipated StarCraft 2. I can’t wait for this game to come out. It’s pretty much a guaranteed blockbuster given the huge built in customer base. Not to mention practically every gamer in Korea is guaranteed to buy this game.

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

I noticed they changed the voice for Kerrigan or the “Queen of Blades” but no big deal.

You can check out some gameplay demos over at

You can read up about the Starcraft story and the new units at also.

Is it just me or does the new ability of Zerglings to transform into green suicide balls seem kind of cheap? Anyway, with all the new units I’m really interested on how balanced it will be. It seems you can command many more units too so I think micro-management may get a lot more complex.





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  1. JC

    I can’t believe you… I can’t believe you didn’t post SC2’s latest news on March 10th… Come on man… You already forgot our glorious 3v4 run?

  2. JC

    someone mentioned the new SC2 unit Viking can transform… so I said.. they should probably make Gundam Terran’s new unit as well… LOL

  3. There you go, were you talking about the new Zerg trailer? Because other that there hasn’t been anything new except for info on some new units on the official site.

    As a Protoss player, I think the Warp Gate and Phase Prisms are pretty damn cool. It looks like you can pretty much warp people anywhere within your bases (basically areas your buildings or pylons cover) if they get like drop attacked or something. And the Phase Prism extends that to anywhere on the map – much better than Arbiter recall. I wonder if the teleporting uses up energy though. Actually I wonder if they’ll still have the Arbiter. They better still have a unit that can maintain area cloaking!

    Terran drop pods are pretty neat too. And yea, Vikings can transform from air units to ground units. They show it in a Terran unit demo. My impression though is on the ground, they’re like Goliaths – relatively weak. The Terran Radar looks so useful – it can see in fog of war! How do you prepare a surpise attack against that? The “planetary defense” transformation for the command center is friggin badass. And damn, supply depots can retract into the ground!

    Man I want this game.

    P.S. I moved you comments to this post so it’s more on topic. :-)

  4. JC

    LOL, thanks. Nice and quick update, and speaking of surprise attack, right now even zerg can do that, if you just look at the Nydus worm, it can pop out anywhere as long as you have the vision of the area. And I do believe warp gate requires cool down time, I remember reading it somewhere.
    O yea, arbiter… totally forgot about that… hmm maybe not? Maybe it will become part of Mothership’s ability.
    I don’t know if you saw it, they actually post all three races’ buildings and units lists, but they said this is not final.
    O man, I can talk about this topic for a really long time… I read on mentioned its expected release date for SC2 will be Oct 2008 which I doubt very much…
    Also, you think you will stay as a Toss player?
    One last thing, they said that zerg is no longer a beginner’s race, I wonder which race is going to be the beginner’s race for people who didn’t get onboard during SC and want to get onboard on SC2.

  5. JC

    so geeky… but can’t help it…

  6. Yea I know, it’s all pretty interesting. Feels kind of dorky but whatever. I also doubt it will come out this year but it would be a nice surprise.

    I’ll probably give every race a shot, since it’s so new, everyone’s starting off the same point. I don’t really know what race I’ll end up “preferring”. It was the same with SC, I played all the races and just ended up with Protoss. I liked Zerg too but for things like “3v3” obviously I couldn’t really practice like a noob, we’d get killed. As for Terran, I just plain sucked at it, never really put in the time to learn Terran. Plus the gameplay dynamics have got to be completely different with all the new units and updates.

    Man it sucks that the Dragoon is gone. It was such a good multipurpose unit with no special weaknesses (like Corsair vs Mutalisk or something). I don’t like the Stalker or Immortal but we’ll see. It’s nice though that the Immortal can better withstand the Siege Tank.

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