Century Eggs

I remember seeing an episode of Fear Factor a long time ago where they ate century eggs and all the contestants were getting grossed out. I thought it was pretty ridiculous because I think century eggs are delicious. Either Fear Factor purposedly prepared the eggs to smell / taste really bad or the contestants were faking it. Or perhaps they just had a preconception of century eggs and their mind did the rest. Either way it’s a misrepresentation of this dish. I don’t eat it often but when I do I definitely enjoy the dish.

Century eggs on a plate

Okay, maybe they might not look like you expect when you hear “egg” but they’re pretty good. Unless they did purposedly make the century eggs smell or taste disgusting, I would’ve passed that round so easily. I think the hardest round on Fear Factor is when they have to eat things. I’ll do any stunt as long as the proper safety precautions are in place but putting nasty stuff in my mouth is something else. Naturally, I was surprised to see they were eating century eggs. They got off pretty damn easy compared to some of other things people eat on the show. To me, eating century eggs doesn’t even qualify as a challenge.

Actually I think I could make myself eat most of the stuff EXCEPT the large, live insects. That’s because I have a large-insect-phobia. Crawling all over me is borderline okay; you just need to suck it up and stick through it. But picking them up and eating them? NO WAY.

I like how I seamlessly digressed from century eggs to eating insects.

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