Asides Double Click Dictionary Search

I just discovered a feature on that has apparently been there for well over a year. When I come across a difficult word, I usually want to look it up. So I double-click the word to highlight it quickly so I can copy-and-paste it. Well I just did that on an article at the New York Times website and it automatically opened a popup window with the definition of the word. I thought that was very nice functionality. It saved me time and it was exactly what I wanted to do – look up the word.


EZPass Website User Interface is Horrible

Man, who designs these crappy user interfaces for government websites? I’ve never seen a NY government website with a decent user interface. The EZPass account area is really bad. The design is really dated, the sections aren’t organized, and the links aren’t labelled well. It’s not intuitive at all – an interface is bad when you basically have to click every link to see where they go and hope you find what you’re looking for.