Jeremy Lin drops 38 points (career high), 7 assists, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals against the Lakers tonight. No words. I almost lost my voice. Like the NBA slogan – AMAZING. THE LINSANITY!!!

And 1! Fisher fouled him on that spin move. Lakers banged Lin around tonight, took away driving lanes, and Lin still comes up with 38. LINNING.

Full highlights:

Mike Brown is Lakers’ New Coach?!

Wow. That guy is seriously overrated. Reference my post two years ago: Mike Brown is a Glorified Cheerleader. Yes the Cavs had great records but they also had Lebron James. And good assistant coaching staff. But their failures in the postseason can be directly attributed to a poor head coach. This is the wrong guy to lead the Lakers. But hey, Mr. Brown, please feel free to prove me (and a lot of other people) wrong. Why not Adelman? That guy managed to make the Rockets respectable without McGrady or Yao Ming. Oh well.

Jason Terry = Loser

Mav’s resident douchebag Jason Terry blatantly shoves Steve Blake to the ground after a whistle blew and a foul was already called. Big ups to Matt Barnes for not lettings this crap go and sticking up for a teammate. Fisher might have done the same thing if he were on the floor, but probably less blatant, like a hard foul on Terry in the next play. Mavs were getting blown out and Terry was having a terrible shooting night, missing open looks. So basically they couldn’t win straight up and Terry was sucking so he decided to push a point guard. Loser! I never liked this dude, now I hate him even more. Terry was always so cocky for someone in no position to be arrogant. Then he pulls crap like this. Nice job, tough guy. Mavs can expect more beatdowns by the Lakers in the playoffs.