Kobe is Inhuman

I don’t understand how Kobe Bryant comes back from twisted ankles and pulls off the stuff he pulls off. Late in the regular season he twisted his ankle pretty badly, yet he came back the next game and was fine. He twists it again the other day and then pulls off a monster dunk like this:

I jumped out of my seat the other night watching this. This guy in unreal. Here are some more looks:

Then later in the night he weaves in past defenders and throws down a lefty dunk:

I must’ve watched these dunks like 20 times already. Madness!


How about them Spurs huh? Nearly eliminated last night. Top seed in the NBA may go out in the first round. Knicks had a puncher’s chance of beating Boston if Amare and Billups were healthy. Without them, no way, so I’m not surprised they got swept. Not to beat a dead horse, but Knicks don’t know how to play defense. D’antoni’s offense somehow works but defense is crap. Their ball movement is so poor sometimes, I don’t get how they score so much. But good defensive teams can easily shut down the Knicks. They will never be better than a first round team if they don’t improve on defense. At least we have a team that’s relevant again.


Oh, another thing is, I noticed even Kobe is wearing one of those stupid Power Balance wrist bands. Those things are a complete fraud, the demonstration/test they do is a trick and a scam. Check out this Amazon review that explains how the demo is a scam. They know this. Their salespeople are trained to trick you. If these NBA players or anyone else feels some type of a change, it’s more likely a placebo effect.

In Australia, Power Balance has been ordered to provide refunds and they admit this themselves: “In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility. We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims.” Basically, it’s all BS. I have some magical rubber bands that work the same as these bracelets, I’ll sell them to you for only $10, I’ll even demo them on you, you’ll be amazed! ;-)





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