Linsanity v. Dallas Mavericks

What else is there to be said? Dallas is a top 5 defensive team and people were saying Shawn Marion who’s been their best defensive player, somebody they’ve used this season to shut down point guards, who’s 6’7″, might clamp down on Jeremy Lin. They were trapping Lin hard, throwing double teams, throwing different defenders at him.

Lin comes out with 28 points, 14 assists, 5 steals (and yes 7 turnovers), but more importantly another win, over a streaking Mavericks and the defending champions. I had no doubt this was going to happen.

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Jason Terry = Loser

Mav’s resident douchebag Jason Terry blatantly shoves Steve Blake to the ground after a whistle blew and a foul was already called. Big ups to Matt Barnes for not lettings this crap go and sticking up for a teammate. Fisher might have done the same thing if he were on the floor, but probably less blatant, like a hard foul on Terry in the next play. Mavs were getting blown out and Terry was having a terrible shooting night, missing open looks. So basically they couldn’t win straight up and Terry was sucking so he decided to push a point guard. Loser! I never liked this dude, now I hate him even more. Terry was always so cocky for someone in no position to be arrogant. Then he pulls crap like this. Nice job, tough guy. Mavs can expect more beatdowns by the Lakers in the playoffs.

2008 NBA Playoffs 1st Round

Dallas Mavericks v. New Orleans Hornets

Has anyone ever seen Dallas exhibit any kind of sportsmanship when losing? I certainly haven’t in the last few years and that’s why I’ve always hated the Mavericks and the people on that team. They just give off a very thuggish vibe. Most of the time they resort to something like the crap that happened last night when Jason Kidd committed a dangerous Flagrant 2 foul on Janerro Pargo of the Hornets. It was right for him to get ejected, something like that could’ve caused serious injury since Pargo got flipped and was heading down head first.

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