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  • Photoshop Deblurring

    Another late work night. But this awesome thing popped up in my RSS reader – it’s a sneak peak at functionality being developed by Adobe that basically deblurs an image and enhances it. Now if you work with images at all, you know that you can’t really restore visual details that don’t exist. That’s why […]

  • Stupid Computer Problems

    Wow what a mess. Since Monday afternoon, I’ve been struggling to fix problems with my computer. At a time when I’m woefully behind on work to the point of pissing off some clients – I’ve wasted 3 and a half days trying to fix my computer. And today I finally, FINALLY found the cause of […]

  • Basic Steps to Secure Your Computer

    As someone who generally knows his way around a computer, I often get asked for help with computer problems. Let me just go over some basic things that will protect most people from the vast majority of threats to your PC’s security. It’s actually kind of simple, but I think a lot of people are […]

  • Bgears b-Enspirer Sound Card Has Poor Reliability

    Well, the sound card in my system died over the weekend very suddenly. I have a Bgears b-Enspirer sound card in my system. It just stopped outputting sound and from I’ve read it seems the amp on the card has died. Even when I turn my speaker volume to max, the sound is barely audible […]

  • Realtek’s Crappy Network Card Drivers

    The other day, I decided to update my network interface card (NIC) drivers. I have Realtek NIC’s that are integrated into my motherboard (Abit IP-35 Pro) and they use Realtek’s RTL8110SC(L) drivers. Well, that update cost me half the damn day because they thoroughly messed up my network cards. I’d keep randomly getting notices saying […]

  • Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP

    I’m writing this from a spanking new Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP LCD monitor. This thing is a little bigger than I thought, I actually have to turn my head a little to look at the left and right sides. It definitely improves my workflow immensely when I’m using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. There’s just so much more […]

  • Clearing Recent Documents on Windows XP

    You know what I’ve always found very annoying on Windows XP? The simple task of clearing recent documents. Here is one very simple example of how the user experience could be immensely improved with little effort. As many of you know, on the Start Menu in Windows XP, there’s a “Recent Documents” pullout menu that […]

  • Speed Up Your PC by Defragmenting Your Hard Drives

    Most people don’t know that defragmenting their computer hard drives can significantly boost performance, especially on older computers or if you haven’t defragged in a very long time. Data gets stored in bits and pieces all over your hard drive and this gets worse as time goes on, as files get written or modified. So […]

  • New PC Build

    So I received all the parts for my new PC about a week ago but I didn’t have to time to put it all together. Today I went apple picking, but then I literally spent the entire evening lapping my heatsink (Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme). Not the best way to spend my Saturday night but I’ll […]