Month: July 2010

  • WordPress Themes are GPL

    WordPress is an open-source content management system for websites that I use very often for my personal projects and client work. In fact, it powers this site as well. Recently there was a very contentious and public spat between Matt Mullenweg (original co-developer and primary frontman for WordPress and CEO of Automattic) and Chris Pearson […]

  • Starcraft 2 Release Tomorrow

    Starcraft 2 was one of my most wanted games for many years and I’m oddly indifferent to its pending release tomorrow. I got a beta invite but never even installed it. Could I be losing interest in gaming? Ha, probably not. I’ll likely get around to it by the weekend. Actually, the thought having to […]

  • The Decision

    Man, Lebron James loves himself. A big national TV event for the “King” just to announce which team he’s going to and he says the experience has been humbling. I think just the opposite. His ego is getting out of control and he hasn’t won a single championship. I feel bad for Cleveland. Too bad […]

  • Awful Heat Wave

    Boy, it is HOT in NYC these days. In comparison, last summer was very mild. Where I am its 97° F and feels 101° F. I can stand a dry heat, but it’s humid too right now which makes you sticky and uncomfortable. It’s the humidity that I can’t stand.

  • Twilight Movies Are Absolutely Horrible

    Twilight is so bad. Just so freaking bad, it’s no joke. I made the mistake of agreeing to watch the first one. Then the bigger mistake of watching the second one. No way I’m watching another Twilight movie ever. Seriously, the 3 lead actors are so bad. They can’t act at all. I don’t remember […]