My Almost GTA Moment

GTA stands for the infamous video game, Grand Theft Auto. Earlier today I was in a supermarket parking lot waiting for a spot, with my signal light blinking. While the original car came out of the spot and drove by me, another car swooped in and stole my spot! I’m refraining from swearing right now about this bi-, I mean woman, but I did start swearing at her. After she got out of the car, seriously, I almost ran her over. If I were less sane, I might have just done it. I let go of the brake and then stopped right behind her as she was walking. The rage. I was waiting there. With my signal light blinking. She had just come into the lot and happened to have the opportunity to steal the spot because the original car coming out was kind of blocking me. I should also note this is a small and very crowded parking lot. So to actually find someone leaving and be there to grab the spot is not easy.

Then this woman had the nerve to tell me she’d be right out, as if I was supposed to wait for her. Of course you can imagine the expletive-filled response I gave her. If it was a guy I might have gotten out of the car and done something about it. I considered keying her car. And chewing up all the tapioca from my bubble tea and hurling it all over her car. But I found another spot, calmed down, and decided what goes around comes around. In fact she was of the ethnicity that believes in karma. So forget about her, who the hell is she anyway? Nobody, so no point making a big fuss about it – I was just really ticked off at that immediate moment.

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  1. Hi Philip,

    At Pascal’s in the good old Republican OC. Had my Mom stay over in the FH apt for a few days during the heat wave. Just got to OC last night – great cool weather out here.

    I had a similar experience at the Whitestone DMV once – some Guidos glided into a spot that I was obviously waiting for … and they looked so satisfied when they got out of their car .. didn’t even look back as they entered the building …

    So, I calmly parked in front of their car … and let all of the air of the guido mobile’s 4 tires out until the rims were sitting on the pavement in that DMV lot.

    I hope that they got the message – but perhaps not, after all, they are Guidos.

    Sometimes, action is best – because you send a very clear signal to someone that they have been behaving badly.

    Instead of keying the car, breaking the windshield – a simple freeing of the air in the tires – does no permanent damage to the vehicle – cannot get you arrested – but relieves these “bad citizens” of a very valuable resource – their time – your time – which they have flagrantly wasted.

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