Obama’s 30 Minute Infomercial

Any Presidential campaign with enough money to pull something like this off would jump at the chance to do it. Obama’s campaign is unrivaled in size, depth, scope, and coherence. That’s been made possible by millions of ordinary people donating to his campaign, completely shattering fundraising records. McCain would be an absolute hypocrit if he says he wouldn’t do it if he had the money. The segment had strong ratings and it was a great opportunity for Obama to talk directly with the American people and explain exactly what he would do as President.

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Vote This November

This is one of the most important elections of our time and I encourage everyone to get out there and vote. My views are pretty clear on this blog but whatever your views are, you should vote. Register now if you’re not registered. Make sure your address is updated with your state and you know your polling place. You’ve probably noticed the “Rock the Vote” link on the left. This convenient form allows you to register to vote in your state – it’s powered by Rockthevote.org so absolutely no data gets passed through my website (so don’t worry about that).

The deadline for voter registration in many states is fast approaching. Go to maps.google.com/vote to check the deadline in your state, and register!

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Presenting… Sarah Palin

These videos speak for themselves. You should be terrified by the idea that if McCain is elected, Palin could very well become President of the United States. She is completely unqualified and the McCain campaign has hid her from the press precisely because she’s unintelligible. By the way, Palin’s favorability numbers are going down the drain now that more people realize the truth. McCain’s poll numbers have been sliding as well.

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Two U.S. Carrier Groups Head to Taiwan for Elections

Taiwan is holding it’s presidential election this weekend and the United States has sent 2 aircraft carrier battle groups to the Taiwan region for training exercises. The U.S. has typically deployed carrier battle groups around Taiwan to basically discourage China from doing anything “provocative”. If you’re not familiar, China as repeatedly stated that Taiwan is a province of China and that if Taiwan declares independence, it will use force if necessary to bring Taiwan under its rule. This would basically entail a full-scale invasion of Taiwan. In the past China has sought to influence Taiwan’s elections by trying to intimidate the electorate, sometimes firing missiles into the Taiwan Straight.

More information about the deployment here:

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