Use Your Period For Good

I was looking at movie trailers late last night over at Yahoo Movies and an advertisement came on for tampons and the ending tagline was just so damn ridiculous (and funny). Basically the commercial was saying many girls in Africa miss school during their period because they don’t have protection. Then it said whenever you buy Tampax, they’ll donate tampons to African girls or something like that.

The commercial ends with a woman saying, in an uplifting tone:

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Uhm… No, No, NO

“The Hottie and the Nottie” proves the nonexistence of God

“Considering roughly 90% of the civilized world would pay good money to see Ms. Hilton’s brains bashed out by an angry homeless person, Paris Hilton’s presence in this film alone is enough to make it positively horrendous. That she also executive produced it makes it nothing less than an abomination.”

This editorial made me laugh out loud a couple times. Watching this movie may make you dumber by several orders of magnitude. Even entertaining the idea of watching it is really stupid.

Microsoft Offers to Buy Yahoo for $44.6 Billion

Well I fire up my RSS reader and of course the big news everybody is talking about this morning is Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Yahoo. I always thought this would be a good thing considering there’s just no way Microsoft by itself can compete with Google in search. Microsoft’s share is just too small and while Yahoo is ailing, it has lots of valuable assets and web properties (aside from the obvious main Yahoo portal), hence the enormity of the offer. If it happens, it would be one of the largest, if not the largest tech takeover. Microsoft can probably fund a huge chunk of this acquisition using cash they have on hand.