Shelby GT500KR is the New KITT

I used to watch Knight Rider when I was a I kid and I thought KITT was the coolest car ever. I just read that NBC is creating a new Knight Rider TV movie and that the new KITT is the Shelby GT500KR. I’m sorry muscle car enthusiasts, but that’s an ugly KITT. KITT is supposed to be a sleek vehicle, not some bulky monster like the Shelby. I smell another failed Knight Rider revival, considering they can’t even get the car right.

Speed Up Your PC by Defragmenting Your Hard Drives

Most people don’t know that defragmenting their computer hard drives can significantly boost performance, especially on older computers or if you haven’t defragged in a very long time. Data gets stored in bits and pieces all over your hard drive and this gets worse as time goes on, as files get written or modified. So now your hard drive is looking all over the place to read a file which slows it down. Defragmentation puts those bits back together, right next to each other so reading that file now becomes faster.

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Milk and Oreos

Double Stuf Chocolate Creme Oreos and a glass of milk make an excellent midnight snack. Especially when watching Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic. Ana was pretty lucky tonight. I’m looking forward to the women’s championships and Federer v. Djokovic. I have GOT to go to sleep, geezus look at the time.

We Own The World

Interesting thoughts on US foreign policy by Noam Chomsky. His point is basically that the United States is not a real democratic state and the US makes its policy decisions based on the arrogant, ridiculous assumption that it owns the world, regardless of domestic or foreign opinions. And no one, at least not in the media, ever questions this. Title may seem confusing so to be clear, I am completely against most of this administration’s policies.

AMD Needs to Get Its Act Together

Intel’s been on a tear ever since it’s Core 2 architecture was launched. The company now continues to release new chips with better performance and lower power usage. On the other hand, not only has AMD fallen behind on performance and production technology, it has done nothing to bridge that gap. AMD has continually delayed release of its new chips and its recently released line contains glitches that affect both stability and performance. This has affected its stock and it was reported not too long ago that AMD’s market value dropped below what it paid to acquire ATI!

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Happy New Year 2008

Well it’s my first post of the new year and I’d love to impart wisdom or some useful insight into life but I don’t really have much to share. So let me just say I hope this new year brings good things to everyone. Idleness is the holiday of fools! That’s my motto and it’s from a fortune cookie I got several years ago. I should’ve just taken credit for the quote 🙂 .

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