Happy New Year 2008

Well it’s my first post of the new year and I’d love to impart wisdom or some useful insight into life but I don’t really have much to share. So let me just say I hope this new year brings good things to everyone. Idleness is the holiday of fools! That’s my motto and it’s from a fortune cookie I got several years ago. I should’ve just taken credit for the quote :-) .

I never really forgot that quote and I try to live my life that way. Don’t sit around waiting for things happen and don’t create reasons not to do something. Figure out what you want and work earnestly towards that goal. You can tell people what you want but when you slack or coast along, you’re only doing yourself a disfavor and deep down you’ll know it. People may often doubt you but success will silence your critics, or at least help you ignore them (haters will always hate).

Now’s the time everyone makes resolutions they forget about in 2-3 months. Remember, idleness is the holiday of fools.





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