10 Hours of Sleep Feels Really Good

I went to bed at 4 am and woke up at 2 pm on Sunday. I gotta say 10 hours of sleep feels really good. I haven’t had 10 hours of sleep for probably over a year. Everyone’s internal clock and needs are different but I think I probably need 10 hours of sleep on a regular basis. But I never get that. On average, I get around 6-7 hours which is not enough because around that mid-afternoon lull, I start getting very drowsy. Here are some interesting facts about sleep you may not know:

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StarCraft 2

This was really big news in the video game world and I began following it when there were rumors floating around that Blizzard would announce a new game at the Worldwide Invitational in Korea. For those that don’t know, Starcraft is insanely popular in South Korea and it’s actually a sport there (with spectators and televised matches). It was only logical to assume that this new product would be the long awaited Starcraft II. Blizzard’s tagline when they introduced this game was very appropriate – “Hell, it’s about time.” In my opinion, Starcraft is one of the greatest games ever and the best RTS game (so far). You just have to be into the game to understand.

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Why is Poor Customer Service So Common?

I’m often amazed at how so many businesses and their customer-facing employees provide such poor customer service. As a web developer/consultant, almost everything I do is about customer service. Deadlines are to be met, work provided should meet/exceed expectations and stated requirements, and basically client needs should be taken care of. I really don’t know why/how businesses out there perpetually provide poor customer service and don’t do anything about it – I just know it’s really frustrating. Here are just some recent examples:

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MovableType Going Open Source

This is kind of a follow up to the WordPress post I made a couple of days ago. Well recently, MovableType (MT), another blogging/CMS application in direct competition with WordPress, announced a major new version (4.0) that would be completely open source. Note that WordPress is already open source as well. This is a departure in that previously MT was only free for personal use and was limited in terms of number of users per installation. They also had paid commercial licenses and what not. A lot of people are talking about this and MT themselves spew a lot of marketing speak about how they’re doing this to empower bloggers, etc. But I really don’t think that’s the real reason.

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