Sleeping Position

Hi everyone, not much to post about, I’ve been keeping busy. Got this via Digg:

Sleeping Positions

It’s about sleeping positions and what they say about your personality. I don’t know how they can correlate sleeping position with personality and I don’t really believe in this stuff but it’s fun to read. I alternate between between Foetus, Yearner, Freefaller, and Starfish so what does that say? And who the heck sleeps in the “Log” position on top of their arm? It looks awkward and uncomfortable. I sometimes wake up in the Freefaller position except my arm is under the pillow and it’s almost completely numb because I cut off circulation. Trust me, it’s very weird when you wake up and you can’t feel your arm.

What the Heck?

Why is every media outlet going on about Anna Nicole Smith’s death? Okay fine she died – I’m sorry but I don’t know this person and from what I do know about her, I don’t get why this is significant news. Is there really nothing more important to report? I didn’t want to blog about it, but when it’s plastered on for 2 days and counting and all over TV, it’s pretty annoying. Okay let’s move on to something more important please. is much more respectable, barely even mentioning it (I believe I saw one link tucked away somewhere yesterday).

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