I Don’t Facebook

I don’t spend much time on Facebook or any other social networking sites at all. Frankly, I’m not comfortable with the idea of sharing so much private information (sometimes with people I’m only acquainted with). That’s why my wall is off – it can take a like a month before I see a message and apparently taking a month to respond is bad Facebook etiquette. That’s also why I post nearly nothing about my personal life here at all anymore. Heck, this site has almost turned into a tennis blog.

As for other sites like LinkedIn, frankly I’m just too lazy to sign up for something I’m probably not going to use very often. The reason I even have a Facebook account is that I was one of the early adopters of Facebook back when it was only available at Ivy¬† League schools. I figure it doesn’t hurt to keep an account. Call me old-fashioned, but if you know me well enough, you should have my phone number and email so there you go!

To quote E from Entourage – the reason I don’t Facebook – is because “I’m an adult.”


Facebook Valued At $10 Billion?!

So apparently Microsoft is in talks with Facebook to possibly buy a 5% stake in Facebook that would value the company at $10 billion. Read that again – yes, $10 billion. Google has expressed interest as well. Give me a break. Bubble bobble..


MovableType Going Open Source

This is kind of a follow up to the WordPress post I made a couple of days ago. Well recently, MovableType (MT), another blogging/CMS application in direct competition with WordPress, announced a major new version (4.0) that would be completely open source. Note that WordPress is already open source as well. This is a departure in that previously MT was only free for personal use and was limited in terms of number of users per installation. They also had paid commercial licenses and what not. A lot of people are talking about this and MT themselves spew a lot of marketing speak about how they’re doing this to empower bloggers, etc. But I really don’t think that’s the real reason.