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What I Don’t Get About the AIG Bonuses

Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t bonuses tied to performance? When your company experiences such massive losses that it needs huge government infusions to keep operating, explain to me how a bonus is justified. Explain why they’re contractually obligated when the business has performed so poorly. It doesn’t make any sense.


Economic Crisis

Reading about everything that’s happening with the banks is kind of depressing. How the hell did the sh*t hit the fan so hard? The government just bailed out stinking AIG with a $85 billion loan. And all the pundits and experts think we haven’t seen the last of this crisis. When these companies mess up, we need to bail them out with taxpayer money? Or should the Fed keep printing more of our fiat currency, devalue the dollar, and cause inflation? This shows exactly why there needs to be regulation, because when they f*ck up this bad, it affects the whole economy. Deregulation? Free market principles? What the hell do you call the goverment buying up and controlling major financial institutions?

General Thoughts

Car in the Shop, AIG Sucks

Okay so like the title says my car is currently in a body shop getting fixed up. I had an accident 3 months ago which was completely not my fault. I was coming out of an exit ramp and slowing down before merging onto the service road, when all of a sudden I got rear-ended. The car behind me obviously hit me and a third car hit the second car. Both were women. To quote the comedian Russell Peters – “I don’t create stereotypes, I just see them.” The ordeal begins…