Month: October 2009

  • Good Game, Cliff Lee

    I hate you.

  • I Don’t Facebook

    I don’t spend much time on Facebook or any other social networking sites at all. Frankly, I’m not comfortable with the idea of sharing so much private information (sometimes with people I’m only acquainted with). That’s why my wall is off – it can take a like a month before I see a message and…

  • Basic Steps to Secure Your Computer

    As someone who generally knows his way around a computer, I often get asked for help with computer problems. Let me just go over some basic things that will protect most people from the vast majority of threats to your PC’s security. It’s actually kind of simple, but I think a lot of people are…

  • Democrats Are Useless

    Why capitulate to Republicans when you don’t have to? Can the party grow a spine? If Republicans won’t be part of the solution, then just roll over them!