Budget Deficit

I don’t really have lots of time to do my own research but I’ve briefly read/seen stuff about our budget deficits and the government’s obligations to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid that gives me pause. The basic message is that our current course is completely unsustainable and we’re headed towards economic disaster/collapse. The U.S government’s liabilities greatly exceed its assets and that gap continues to grow at a rapid rate. Very scary stuff. Stuff like this:

Realtek’s Crappy Network Card Drivers

The other day, I decided to update my network interface card (NIC) drivers. I have Realtek NIC’s that are integrated into my motherboard (Abit IP-35 Pro) and they use Realtek’s RTL8110SC(L) drivers. Well, that update cost me half the damn day because they thoroughly messed up my network cards. I’d keep randomly getting notices saying the “network cable is unplugged” even though it was. Eventually the network card would shut down completely and I would lose Internet access.

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AO 2009

I pulled an all-nighter watching the AO final live. Sigh… Fed lost to Nadal again. So sad. He gave that 5th set away, don’t want know what was going on there. It was clearly another painful loss for him. I don’t know what he has to do, but he needs to find a way beat Nadal. I was a little shocked seeing him break down like that during the ceremony. But who can blame him? He obviously really really wanted it. All the pundits are bringing up the same questions and doubts now. I hope there are good things in store for the rest of Federer’s season.