Broadband Competition is Good!

Okay so where I live, I basically only have 2 options for broadband Internet service – Verizon DSL or Road Runner cable. I’ve obviously opted for the higher speeds and better reliability and switched to RR (resold through Earthlink, slightly cheaper and doesn’t require cable TV service). Verizon FiOS is being deployed in Queens slowly and it’s not available at my home yet (they literally connect fiber to each home). I’ve been itching to switch to FiOS because they give you tremendous bandwidth for around the same price (a bit more). So I was looking up information on when FiOS might be available in my area and was browsing the forums over at That’s where I came upon some interesting news regarding Road Runner.

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Children of Men

Children of Men

Children of Men is a great movie – it’s gritty and captivating. It shows a really grim view of the future – the basic premise is that for some unknown reason women become infertile so there are no more babies. The movie starts off with the world mourning the death of the youngest person on the planet (an 18 yr. old). It’s a hopeless, degenerating society and apparently most countries are ravaged by terrorism and chaos. Consequently, the government cracks down hard. Most of the movie takes place in London.

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