Gunhill Residences Sucks

Gunhill sent me a letter that’s addressed to all of the housemates indicating an amount of money we owe, giving us 3 days before legal action. These people are ridiculous. None of us are living at Gunhill right now so obviously we wouldn’t have received any previous notices in our Gunhill mailbox – they KNOW this, the asses that they are. The manager even called me the other day to indicate repairs were finished (much later than originally indicated, when I was considering staying in Ithaca for the summer). No mention of this money. Perhaps if they just called instead of sending threatening letters, I wouldn’t be so peeved.

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My Shit List

Gunhill Residences is going on my shit list. So now the list includes:

  • America Online
  • Royal Rent-a-Car
  • Gunhill Residences

Gunhill refuses to give me my deposit because my housemates and I are “jointly and severably liable” even though I’m not responsible for the damage. Additionally, they are taking their sweet time in getting the repairs started. Not only that but they’re repainting walls and replacing carpeting in second floor areas that weren’t even affected. Uhm, sure insurance covers it but you’re making us pay the deductible. That’s just wrong.

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