Jeremy’s Lin Career Night

One of my fellow Taiwanese, Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks, was given an opportunity tonight and he made the most of it, having a brilliant performance and putting up a career high 25 points and 7 assists, helping the Knicks win over the Nets. It has even started some talk that perhaps the Knicks have found a viable point guard.

This is not surprising because Jeremy just needed to be given a chance and more play time to improve. He performed pretty well at Golden State with limited minutes. I was kind of worried the Knicks might cut him or ship him back to the D-League. While I believed in him, the Knicks didn’t appear to. Seems like with losses mounting, they got desperate and gave him a shot. And this what you got to do! Work hard and wait for your opportunity!

What I don’t like? Carmelo Anthony with his stupid hands-together bow as acknowledgement. Because Jeremy is Asian? Gimme a break. A normal high five will do.





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