Month: May 2011

  • Mike Brown is Lakers’ New Coach?!

    Wow. That guy is seriously overrated. Reference my post two years ago: Mike Brown is a Glorified Cheerleader. Yes the Cavs had great records but they also had Lebron James. And good assistant coaching staff. But their failures in the postseason can be directly attributed to a poor head coach. This is the wrong guy […]

  • Russell Westbrook?

    Russell Westbrook is good but what the hell? The superstar and go-to guy on the Thunder is Kevin Durant. It seriously doesn’t make sense that Durant sometimes doesn’t even touch the ball for long stretches and in clutch time. And you see Westbrook not making a single pass and driving in (and missing). It’s just […]

  • No Interest in NBA Playoffs

    Since both the Lakers (what a bummer) and Knicks are out, I’ve lost a lot of interest in the NBA playoffs. I just don’t want Miami to win. I’m thinking the Bulls are going to win the championship this year. I’m not feeling the Mavs or Thunder. And that leaves the Grizzlies but I think […]

  • No Escape Plan for Bin Laden?

    I find it really strange that someone like Bin Laden didn’t have some type of rapid escape plan for exactly the type of raid the United States conducted that ended with his death. You would assume the most wanted fugitive on the planet would expect that some day the U.S. might figure out where he […]

  • What’s Good #2

    By day, Obama is releasing his long form birth certificate and ridiculing billionaires to their face. By night, he is overseeing the plan to take out the most wanted fugitive on the planet. Badass. Behind the Hunt for Bin Laden.

  • Osama Bin Laden Killed by U.S.

    Wow. Well 10 years later, we finally got Osama Bin Laden, the founder/leader of Al Qaeda, responsible for the 9/11 attacks. By most accounts, in recent years he had very little operational control of Al Qaeda and its affiliates, but nevertheless he’s major symbol in the war on terror. This is what happens when you […]

  • What’s Good #1

    New random post series on random topics, also randomly called “What’s Good” which may or may not have a #2. Yes, ok. Man, can’t believe the Spurs actually got eliminated.. Grizzlies even took Game 1 from Thunder today. Donald Trump got humiliated at the Correpondents’ Dinner. Seriously, Obama roasted him real good and Seth Meyers […]