NBA Playoffs 2007 Update

Man, the Spurs v. Suns series is brutal! And Nash seems to be taking the brunt of it. There is definitely a lot of animosity between these two teams. For me, this series has cast a very dark shadow on the Spurs. Bowen is just despicable. What Horry did at the end of Game 4 was completely unnecessary! Now I’m rooting for the Suns to go all the way. I especially want them to win the next game. That would be the sweetest revenge but it’s going to be very difficult with both Stoudemire and Diaw out (unfair suspensions, but rules are rules). I was rooting for Golden State but yesterday’s loss was so disappointing.

The Warriors lost that series on their own. They could’ve had both Game 1 and 2 but blew it. They were clearly off in Game 4 but kept launching the 3’s. I hate to say this but Charles Barkley was right – they live and die by 3’s if they’re chucking that many up. I have to say GS has played the most entertaining basketball I’ve seen in a while. They upset Dallas and then lose to the Jazz – what’s the point (Dallas would’ve killed the Utah). It really highlighted their weaknesses though – weak bench, short rotation contributing to fatigue (they’re literally a 7-8 man team – the other players NEVER play), bad rebounding, less than stellar defense (especially in the paint against the likes of Carlos Boozer).

Here’s a couple of Youtube videos of Bruce Bowen incidents with other players. Good defense? Or dirty? You be the judge.

I found this one particularly funny:
Bruce Lee Bowen (flying kick to Wally Szerbiak in the face!)

UPDATE: So the Suns lost. I think my view of the Spurs has been forever tainted. Everyone I’ve rooted for has lost so far in the playoffs. I just want the Spurs to lose now but I don’t really like watching Utah so I’m a bit ambivalent about the playoffs now. Pistons all the way! Hope I didn’t just jinx them.

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