What Web 2.0 Means For Developers and Entrepreneurs

With all this Web 2.0 hoopla, developers like me are seeing increasing demand for new web design and development projects. Of course this is a good thing, any resurgence in the Internet sector means more sites need to be designed or redesigned. More projects, more revenue. But here’s the thing – many people aren’t even sure what Web 2.0 means. You ask different people and they’ll give you different answers or no answer at all. They hear this buzz word being floated around and they think it’s the next best thing, without really understanding what it means. Some critics say it’s a new mini-bubble. This becomes a big problem when a client or potential client tells me they want a “Web 2.0 design” or a “Web 2.0 site” instead of giving more detailed specs.

Personal Events

My Almost GTA Moment

GTA stands for the infamous video game, Grand Theft Auto. Earlier today I was in a supermarket parking lot waiting for a spot, with my signal light blinking. While the original car came out of the spot and drove by me, another car swooped in and stole my spot! I’m refraining from swearing right now about this bi-, I mean woman, but I did start swearing at her. After she got out of the car, seriously, I almost ran her over. If I were less sane, I might have just done it. I let go of the brake and then stopped right behind her as she was walking. The rage. I was waiting there. With my signal light blinking. She had just come into the lot and happened to have the opportunity to steal the spot because the original car coming out was kind of blocking me. I should also note this is a small and very crowded parking lot. So to actually find someone leaving and be there to grab the spot is not easy.