Verizon DSL Sucks

At home, for my Internet connection, I use Verizon DSL and I’m pretty unsatisfied with the service. I initially signed up for Verizon DSL last June because my mom wanted to go online. She’s a pretty light Internet user and only visits a handful of websites. So it wasn’t a big deal. But during school breaks when I came home and especially now, I’ve found that Verizon DSL is slow and unreliable.

Slow Speed

For your average user, Verizon DSL is probably enough. But I’m a heavy user. I view a lot of online videos, I download a lot of data, I listen to online streaming radio, and I work over the web a lot. I’ve only been able to max out the connection to maybe 125 KB/s down. Upload speed is a bit less important for me but I don’t recall ever going more than 20-30 KB/s. So this is pretty slow if I’m doing multiple tasks online.

Unreliable Connection

I don’t know what the hell it is but EVERY time the weather outside gets rainy, my DSL connection completely craps out. Even if it’s just cloudy and there are storm clouds. I remember doing a search online about it and found some technical mumbo jumbo. I have friends that say they’ve never experienced this. But I don’t care. If it’s happening for me, it’s all that matters. You know how frustrating it is when you’re online trying to get something done and your connection keeps dying? On a more technical note, the IP address Verizon assigns to you often gets changed when it reconnects, which is a little annoying for other reasons I’m not going into.

Switching to Cable

Fortunately, the one year contract period is almost up and I will be switching to a Road Runner cable connection. This is what I’ve used in my off-campus years up at Cornell and I’ve found RR to be very reliable and fast, even when I’m sharing the connection with roommates. Unfortunately, I do have to put up with this DSL crap for another month. RR costs $30 for the first 6 months and then $45 per month thereafter, as compared to Verizon DSL which is $30 a month. I think the increased cost is worth it considering I do web development work and my Internet connection is essential. I’ve always been supportive of paying more for something if it it makes life easier or more convenient.

Seriously, it’s been rainy lately and I’ve been at the verge of yanking the DSL modem right out and smashing it to pieces. But I’ve resisted. For now.

I’m not sure if I even have to send back the equipment. Maybe I WILL get to smash it. That would be sweet. Sweet indeed.





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  1. john3

    believe me, ive worked in a cable company as well. its the same, same type of calls, same issues. i think you better blame the sales rep who sold you the service, theyre fast in getting your money not taking in consideration the factors , have they told you that when its raining sometimes the connections drop off, and if its cable internet dont you know that it is very prone to network congestion unlike with dsl, cable is faster but has his downs as well.

  2. john4

    joshua i feel you, if only these customers know what we hve to take in consideration as well in order for us to keep our job… pls leave a comment and hope i can give you information what we can only do and what actions you have to do so youll not waste your efforts in shouting and cursing us. thang you for calling verizon high speed tech support!!!

  3.  alt 255

    I typed in shittyest internet in the world and guess what came up?

  4. Harkon

    i cant watch a movie i cant play a game DSL Means dick sucking lips or maybe Downloads Slow Lately i will not give them another dime i would rather be frustrated than frustrated and broke

  5. Harkon

    sorry for language but im tired of paying my hard earned money for a shitty product

  6. Blob be beastn

    I have been using this internet service and it is the worst internet i have ever seen. I play xbox-live and i disconnect every few games i play(if i don’t disconnect i have 1 red bar). My internet stalls for a few seconds kicking me off of everything im doing then instantly coming back on. VERIZON INTERNET IS GARBAGE DO NOT BUY IT, DIAL UP IS BETTER AND MORE RELIABLE.

  7. Mike Jett

    I bought a bran new really nice laptop frome best buy After they connected vorizon brodband I started haveing problems before I even left the best buy store to the point where the tec that downloaded vorizon on the computer called vorizon himself.When I first got home it worked fine but now every week I have to click everything over and over and over again to stay connected and sometimes I cant connect at all it is really aggervating .Also I keep getting some spam and my computer showed it was frome vorizon I thought at first that my computer had problims it didnt take long for me to realize that it was vorizon wireless I still have problems today and I am checking out other internet providers pluss vorizon is slow and who wants to give ther monney to a crocked company such as VORIZON WIRELESS. MICHAEL A, JETT THANK YOU

  8. Steve

    best website ever

    Im glad im not the only one who is beyond pissed off at Verizon.

    Its funny that whenever you seem to be on the phone with them, after like a couple hours your internet starts working again, and they say “Oh man sorry cant help ya cus it says that your internet is connected call back when it stops again” and when you hang up, it stops.

    God I hate this company. I cant even use my internet when the phone rings half the time. Come on I left Dialup so i can use the phone while being on the internet.

    Screw you verizon
    Screw all of your Indian employees.

    thank you

  9. Outlaw

    I have had issues for the past 8 months with the bastards. Call after call and dealing with some Indian jerkoff that lies and can’t speak english very well…..I am in the market for a new provider.
    Anyone have ideas? I cant get more than 1 minute of signal after 9pm. It has been like that for months.. Same old answer ” it is an issue with our central office”
    These sons of bitches even have the audacity to tell you a tech will be at your house at a certain time and no one shows up.. no one calls.. no issues fixed. VERIZON EAT MY ASS!!!!!!!

  10. Fred Richards

    Stop paying them until they provide the service they contracted for. They are obviously in breach of contract and should not be paid.

  11. SS

    Verizon is terrible. Unfortunately I have to put up with for another week before I go back to school. I’ve had Verizon at my home for a few years, and every year in the summer it seems that the connection decides it wants to not work properly. Same thing happened last year in July, same thing has been happening this July and well into August. It’s progressively gotten worse.

    We have a 3 MB line here, the best one available to us here. My max speed now is 1700 KBs, this is not very fast for a heavy internet user. As of right now it’s 608 KBs, and it’s been down to 300. The connection is about as stable as a crack whore, it’s gone up and down more times then I can count in the last half hour. It’s a joke.

    My dad has called tech support multiple times, and yet the problem still persists. Every time they tell him some crap about how there is a problem with the line in our house. We have had 2 tech guys here in the last 2 weeks. First one said everything was fine, two days later the problem starts up again. Dad calls tech support again, gets no where, the send a tech guy last Saturday. Problem rears its head again Monday.

    I can’t wait until I get back to school next week, I’ll have RR there and not have to put up with this crap. I’m tired of the connection going up and down every 5 minutes. It’s sunny without a cloud in the sky right now, yet connection isn’t working. Maybe someone looked at a power line the wrong way. Don’t even get me started on when there is a cloud, rain, or a storm.

  12. Timotei

    DONT GET ANY DSL. i have verizon DSL and it blows! If i were to go on a suicidal rampage and kill every1 i would blow up all of verizon’z offices because they made me CRAZY! My internet always quits, always fails, and is slow as hell. Ive broken to date more than 5 modems and a few routers… If i have to live with this DSL BULL SHIT any longer ill prob. call india or mexico and start speaking in broken english asking them to get me a guy/women in AMERICA who speaks god damn english. And then ill prob. start calling them a mother f***** scam artist and then hang up. And when the police come to my house for vebal assult ill give them my f****** modem as evidence of antangonizing me! NEXT STOP cable.

  13. Holcomb

    We will never do business with Verizon again. Our first modem would run hot and stop working. We had to keep ice packs on it. We went to cancel service and were instead talked into taking a new modem which we were assured would not have that problem. Once again we must keep ice packs near it so we can stay online. That’s IF it’s not in DORMANT mode. Nothing explains dormant mode, what causes it, etc. It just happens. It’s infuriating to PAY THIS MUCH for service and be unable to get and/or stay online.

    I advise anyone researching a new internet provider, to STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON. They talk a good game to get you signed up, but their service ends there.

  14. Verizon Dsl Customer

    DSL is crap, I’m tired of playing xbox 360 and getting disconnected every five seconds. It goes off about 25 times a day. They’ve sent out 5 people to try to fix it and it never works. Whenever i call i get some “Prince Alababa” who can’t speak a lick of English. They just suck, their unreliable.

  15. I got verizon too!

    I got the Verizon 3mbps service and home phone package. I wasn’t happy with the deal I got though them from the get go. The home phone service is a joke I asked if I can get voice box and caller id at the time of order, they said yes, and when the service started I found out they don’t have a voice box in my area, and the caller id always showed “number unknown” or what ever it was? The DSL started out OK, but for about the last 7 month it’s really bad can’t watch videos too good, and unusable for online games. to really rub it in they canceled my DSL for $10 for the first 6 month because I changed my worthless home home service to the one without voice box and caller id.
    I’m getting Comcast cable now for the internet and phone. I tried it out in my area and works lots better. I know about the cap or what ever your suppose to hate about them, but I’d rather have limited good service over unlimited junk.

  16. I got verizon too!

    OK I had Comcast for about a week. It’s nice to be able to watch youtube and listen to net radio without the connection going dead.
    As for the online gaming Modern warfare 2 for the PS3’s bad, but not as bad as it was with the DSL. I’m reading lots of people have problems with PS3 online. I hope Sony can fix it soon, or maybe I got to replace that with a 360? Times too important to deal with junk.

  17. Nomad

    Verizon DSL is like 1200baud tonight. I said to myself, “did some more towers come down, what gives?”

  18. Rico

    Man you are so right! No doubt about it! I hate it! I wish I went to Comcast

  19. MFX

    WOW. I just cannot get anything done when it matters with Verizon DSL.

    Whether its trying to register for online classes or check my student email, play an online video game, or just browse the web in general, it is just not viable to depend on a steady connection. This is unnatural. Basically Verizons connection flashes on and off, and you cannot count on it to stay up even if it has been steady for more than a few minutes. It is going to go down again, not a matter of if, but when.

  20. CountKarl

    I think this is just for the most part a DSL problem regardless of the telco. Here in Colorado we have Qwest, and man their DSL service was total crap! Had their 1.5 down (forgot the up speed), and it was so slow and unreliable. We weren’t too far away from the CO either, but maybe far enough..

    As soon as a cloud entered the sky, the internet would drop, and it would drop even more in the rain, it was terrible. As in 30 times an hour, that bad. Anyway after lots of calling Qwest and getting a new modem and “tech support” from India, (Yes, I have filters connected, Yes, I have bypassed the router, No, I don’t have AV/Firewall turned on, Yes, I have power cycled the modem, Yes, I have checked the connections, etc). That’s not going to help if the DSL light is blinking meaning there’s a bad signal. The service got to the point where it was so unusable

    So we switched to Comcast and it’s an extremely solid connection with 22/5 (w/o powerboost) with no issues whatsoever.

  21. zaroba

    we’ve had verizon dsl for 5 years now since it was the only thing available in the area and we have been plagued with nothing but problems.

    for starters, ever since we got our 2mbit service, we’ve had speeds half or less from day one. downloads usually maxxed out at 176kb/sec, which would represent 1.5mbit service. for the past month now though, downloads max out at 100-120kb/sec.

    like others, we’ve often had our connection drop when it was pouring out, but that seems ot have gone away.

    has anybody else had this problem where the connection will stop working friday night, and NEVER come up again until monday morning? it happens to us 2 or 3 times a year for a month straight. try calling tech support with that kind of a problem. loads of fun. even more annoying is that despite the fact our internet will be down, i can open up my laptop and still get on via the numerous neighbors in the area that also use verizon and have with unsecured wireless networks.

    a different company finished putting fiber optic lines in the area this summer. so we’ll be saying good bye and good riddance to verizon next year when i finish paying off my truck.

  22. eric

    I tottaly agree with number 21, as well as 99.9% of the other comments there. Verizon’s internet is simply horrendous, with random disconenctions and overheating issues, while their tech help is even worse. 5-6 calls a day for NINE CONSECUTIVE DAYS with 3 appointments scheduled, none of them kept. Even worse, every call I made I had to repeat the same tedious and useless troubleshooting procedure.

  23. rafael

    suck suck suck i keep reset this dsl box so i can play netflix. about 20x so can boots to 1600kb/sec.

  24. Pam

    When you get a DSL stay away from Verison DSL. They are unprofessional, liars, and scam artists. They know limited English despite the fact that they speak it well. They know little of what they say. THey also do not know customer service or have the skills thereof. They have chased me around for 30 days and still have not helpd me at all. I had to go to an A+ tech. Verizon DSL is totally incompetent and deplorable.

  25. norm

    Verizon dsl in Milton,MA is getting crappy. I don’t like Comcast either. I have Vonage for phone, also lousy and drops calls frequently. Man they all eat the banana! Ready to live in the woods.

  26. Jack

    “Verizon officials repeatedly said the slowing U.S. economy is not having a major impact on its financial results.” My ass.

    This threads been up for five years and Verizon still sucks. I was promised speeds from 100-400kbps on average, and its rarely above 80. I could get Comcast for ten dollars more, and twenty times+ the speed. This is why they are suffering economically. They need a corporate merge with a better Fiber Optic ISP, or at least innovate their own tech.

  27. Laon-Fait

    I can’t believe they say “quality service.”
    Never get this shit if you were to play online… EVER!
    Every 3 matches I have to reset my modem twice. 1 to stop the connection and the other to get it going again…
    There is a reason charter is so expensive..

  28. scj

    sounds like you are experiencing connection problems due to bad continuity from the serving office or remote site.I have had vdsl and now frontier hsi and have never had trouble.But I live close to the remote that provides my service.Have you called into request a service call so an outside tech can troubleshoot your connection?Goodluck.

  29. Yep I have one

    Again speeds of .68 and.49 when I am paying for 7.0 of course it never gets to 7.0 the best I get is 6.what ever…call tech service and get a very nice man in India and he checks the line….WHAT!!I l live in Penn. USA on the other side of the world from him and he is going to test my line to my house and tell me it’s ok…bull….the other 8 times this happen we when through all this belony including the independent contractor they send out and it’ always ends in:We’ll send you a new modem, which does or does not fix the problem and then all of a sudden it all works for about 3 to 6 months and than problems again…….Between India and my house there are thousands of relays and boxes and this tech is going to test my line and tell me it’s ok….two times ago a tech came out and admitted or should I say revealed the the box relay down the street was broken into and bare wires were exposed and he fixed that but of course claim that it was not the reason the service was so slow. Up until now it was running at it’s worst at 2.63 or 3. what ever but tonight takes the cake with .49 download that MBPS less than 1meg……now I have to wait until Monday, tomorrow and they say a tech will check the lines of course I will not know what they are really doing. and I’ll bet they will want to give me another Westel 6100g or 6100f westel is garbage if I have to go through 5 modems in the past 2 years…

  30. Rhoda

    I had used Time Warner’s “Road runner” service for five years. And although I lived in a mountainous, rural, area, the service was exceptional. In my first year, only disconnection occurred once, and lasted 36 hours because of a blizzard.

    In 2006 I switched to Earthlink for a temporary time (4 months in 2006), and their service was exceptionally good. Never had problems, even in blizzards.

    However I switched back to Road Runner, and in later years (2007/2008/2009), their service became utter rubbish, and would go down for 8-12 hours at a time. I’d have to actually call to question why my service was down, and the service rep was rude, condescending, and would repeat the same script. However after each call, my service would be reinstated and working just fine. Wow, what? And I thought Time Warner was the worst, boy was I in for a shock.

    I moved to a suburban area in mid 2009, and switched to Verizon DSL, a service I hadn’t used since the early 2000s (and later switched to AOL, because it was more promising, more nostalgic, and it was CHEAP! – which for a student at the time, was promising). I can tell you, I had more enjoyment out of AOL than I ever had out of Verizon’s DSL and Time Warner’s Road Runner. Verizon DSL is the worst “deal” you could ever pay for. Not only does their service completely die when it rains – but even a windy day is guaranteed to kill your service. And what’s worse, my service goes out for up to 4 DAYS at a time. And I call to ask why, and you get the same machine repeating “Press 1 for …”, and after minutes of that, you get redirected to somebody who can’t even comprehend proper English, and makes Time Warner’s reps seem like fairy godmothers.

    Verizon DSL is the slowest, worst possibly service you could use.
    Time Warner and Verizon are one in the same cesspool, but at least Time Warner has flowers in their ****!


  31. VerizonHater

    Verizon losses connections because when it rains it pours! underground the lines generally moving our great internet around are not being kept up with. As in water gets into these lines and until it dries, you can count on not having internet. Most of these problems seem to happen in Virginia and Jersey, I don’t know if anyone uses Ping Plotter at all, but its an easy way to see where you are having problems, and from what i have seen it is always or some other company verizon pays to use their lines/services.

  32. another unhappy verizon user

    Verizon sucks. Will come a day when all verizon employee’s will be out of jobs because of their lack of giving a crap about their 20 plus year users. Your internet service has always sucked and when my contract is up im done. switching back to cox cable! Kiss my ass verizon!

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