Graduation and Other Miscellaneous Thoughts

Moving My Belongings From Ithaca

There was no flippin way I was going to get all of my stuff into my relatively tiny Maxima so I had to pack up a lot of crap into boxes last week, to get them shipped off. In total, I packed up 4 boxes and my printer. Boxes mostly included old textbooks, which I have a lot of, winter clothes, and other clutter/junk. You know what I’m talking about – when everything’s tucked away in drawers and shelves you don’t notice, but once you have to start packing, you realize how much clutter you actually have. Slight hitch with the pickup, but the boxes were picked up on Saturday and I hope they’ve been shipped out by now. I have to call them up tomorrow to confirm.

Even with all those boxes, I still had a big suitcase, a small suitcase, several bags of miscellaneous stuff, my computer, and my chair. I barely crammed all of this stuff into my car while keeping enough space for my mom in the back. I almost had to ditch my leather chair because I couldn’t get the bottom detached, but I eventually did. Let’s just say packing and moving is always a big pain – one of my least favorite things to do.

Graduation – Cornell Class of 2006

I’ve always considered myself more Class of 2005 than 2006 because all my friends are 05 and we kind of “came up” together since freshman year. But 06 will do. I completely skipped Convocation. We had Martin Luther King Jr’s son (I think he’s Martin Luther King III) as the speaker. Cornell does Convocation separately, a day before Commencement, if you’re wondering. Didn’t have any interest. I was part of the “Jon Stewart for Convocation 06” group on Facebook. Hunter Rawling’s speech during Commencement was pretty damn boring. He mostly talked about famous Cornell professors, writers, and what not – I kind of phased out.

And wow, was it a hot day or what. It was a blazing 85 degrees and I forgot sunscreen so I tanned my face and neck like crazy. It took me a year to recover from all the tanning in Miami during Spring Break last year and now my face is so tan again. Nuts and cabbages!

THE MOST ASKED QUESTION: “So what are you doing after graduation?”

But yea, so now I’m out of college. I’m an alum now. In the real world. Roughin it. Everyone’s question is always what are you doing after college? Do you have a job? No, I don’t have a job. I started my own business. Almost everyone I’ve told this to had the reaction of like “oh, wow” “good for you” or some similar thing. It’s not that glamorous. Considering I’m trying to build a new business from scratch and have no real revenue (yet), it’s not that dissimilar from being unemployed. It’s a big challenge, but one that I’m willing to take on.

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