Federer Loses to Berdych at Wimbledon

Well, yea. I thought Fed had chances and didn’t take advantage. All those chip returns and unforced errors on 2nd serves. A bunch of uncanny forehand errors that should have been gimme points. On many balls I thought he could reach, he didn’t even try. Movement-wise, I thought Fed was very flat. I’m still a bit sore on that loss. Fed may be aging and not have the same zip that he used to but I still think he can win more majors. Forget Nadal, Fed needs to find a way to neutralize these tall players with huge serves and forehands. The future of tennis seems to be heading this way (Soderling, Del Potro, Berdych, etc.).

I think he’s going to practice hard this summer and come back strong during the US hardcourt swing. I just made a $100 bet with someone that Fed will win the US Open. Yea, thas right!

P.S. Lu lost in straight sets in a routine win for Djokovic. 🙁

Yen Hsun Lu Beats Andy Roddick at Wimbledon

Wow, Taiwanese player Yen Hsun Lu (ranked no.82) beat Andy Roddick (ranked no.7) in a major upset today at Wimbledon. Normally, I’d support Roddick, but not today, got to support a fellow Taiwanese. Nobody gave Lu a chance. Nobody. Every commentator was expecting an easy straight sets win by Roddick. It was a great. Honestly I thought it’d be hard for Lu to win in the 5th because there’s no tiebreaker and Roddick is an amazing server. Lu evidently felt the exact same way. But he hung in there, kept fighting, and won the match on his first match point. I’d love to seem him beat Djokovic too. If he were to meet Federer however, I’m going to be very conflicted.

Poor Roddick, I really feel for him though. Guy doesn’t get broken all match until the last game and loses. Another heart-breaker at Wimbledon. At least this time it wasn’t at the hands of Federer. But no one expected it to be Lu!

By the way Yen Hsun Lu is from Taiwan, a sovereign country, not stupid Chinese Taipei. It’s only called Chinese Taipei because China is a bully. They can’t even show the real Taiwanese flag next to Lu’s name. It’s ridiculous.

Andy vs. Andy

Andy Roddick and Andy Murray are playing their 3rd set tiebreak in their semi right now. Crowd’s crazy for Murray. I’m rooting for Roddick. Murray is annoying – yelling and fist-pumping after every single point, like he just won the set or something.

UPDATE: Yesterday I voted on tennis.com that the final would be Federer vs Roddick. Well, Roddick has just won in 4 sets over Murray. TMF vs Andy Roddick for the Wimby final! Yes, The Mighty Fed is definitely back. Andy’s playing better but it’s still a tough matchup for him. Fed’s just always had his number. 18-2 record doesn’t lie. But you never know. I’m hoping Fed gets #15 on Sunday.

Karlovic Can Only Serve

Tennis fans already know this about Dr. Ivo but if Karlovic didn’t have that powerful serve, I’m pretty sure Federer could have bageled him 3 times. Breaking Karlovic in each of the first 2 sets was impressive, especially the way Federer was returning in the games he broke. Karlovic volleyed poorly but I think that has more to do with how Roger hits/returns the ball and his ability to come up with amazing passing shots.

P.S. Once again, NBC proves they are incompetent, stupid, ignorant, or all of the above. They are airing a tape delay of this match later in the day. NBC apparently has the rights to this match so it wasn’t on ESPN360.com either. I ended up watching another live stream online that was actually good quality and had decent commentary (not sure if it was BBC or what, but Boris Becker was commentating). So suck it NBC, I ain’t watching your tape delay. The ESPN2 commentator even said “we can’t tell you the score for the Federer/Karlovic match because NBC will air it later today.” Well, screw that. Is NBC not aware of something called the Internet? No wonder they’re in last place among the networks – NBC is just plain dumb.


This Wimbledon final is unbelievable. We’re going to a 5th set. Wow. Just WOW!

UPDATE: Well, I’m disappointed Federer lost, but give Nadal credit – he played a great match. Both played unbelievably well. That was probably one of the best matches I’ve ever watched (if not THE best). That was seriously incredible tennis. These guys are untouchable.

So Many Pundits Writing Off Federer

I’ve been seeing so many articles and videos of people picking Nadal to win Wimbledon. I want to see Federer prove them wrong. He’s been playing flawless tennis – few unforced errors and incredible serving. I think it’s going to be very, very difficult to break Federer’s service games. But I would have to agree the final is going to be a very tough match because it’s very clear to everyone Nadal has improved his game on grass. But seriously, how can anyone write off Federer, the guy has won the last 5 Wimbledon’s and 65 straight matches on grass and still counting.

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Federer Wins His Fifth Wimbledon Title in a Row

Federer and Nadal - Wimbledon 2007

Wow, this was one heck of a championship match – talk about top notch tennis. Federer is just on a whole other level compared to the rest of men’s tennis. I certainly think he’s the best player ever. I mean, the guy is only 25 and he has 11 majors. Roger Federer has won 11 of the past 17 Grand Slam titles. If he wins the U.S. Open in September, he’ll have 12 already! I’m pretty sure he’s going to break Sampras’ 14. Roger’s won 5 straight Wimbledon, 3 straight US Open, and 2 straight Australian Open! Even Pete Sampras wasn’t as dominant as Federer.

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